In With The New: Closet Edition 36

Hey everyone, so lately I've been buying a whole lot of clothes; and I mean a lot!
While organizing my closet, I realized that I had a whole 36 pages off clothes I had bought, but not worn. So I decided to challenge myself. Each outfit I create until I run out of clothes, must consist of mostly or all items from those 36 pages.

Today's outfit feature the latest item I bought
Which is the Wizard Cape. I missed most of the SAP items, so when I saw this I jumped on it because it was similar.

I actually really like this cape, and I intend to use it more.
Really glad I bought it.

Other items purchased recently:
Pink Fendi Belt
Chanel Inspired Shopper

This outfit is my MSW outfit for the day.
I'm wearing it one of my rooms.




Hey everyone, so one of my favorite hobbies on the Stardoll site is to makeover dolls.
I have literally spent hours, upon hours changing makeup, and hairstyles to create looks.
So today I thought I might share with you a look I did on a beautiful girl Yasminscharm


Things I Changed:
Position of lips
Position of Stardesign eyebrows
Position of eyes
Lip color

Chanel necklace

I wanted a bit of a natural high fashion/couture Chanel inspired makeup
And I think I achieved just that. I love this look, especially the brows.

So that is one of my Stardoll hobbies, what are yours?
Let me know in the comments :)



New Kid On The Block

Hello everyone, my name is Drew and I am a new Rebel.
So I LOVE anything fashion ,and I  love experimenting with
Male and female fashion, and makeup looks. So expect to see a lot
Of that in my upcoming posts.

Today I am coming to you with the makeup look I am wearing today.
It's a really warm sunset inspired smokey eyes. The lips are orange, and the cheeks are "glowy" I only used gold blushes.

Products Used:
Eyeshadow No3. - Sephora (Quest Brown shadow works as well)
Sunshine Eyeshadow- Dots
Hot Orange Eyeshadow- Dots
"Metallic Aubergine" Eyeliner - Sephora (bottom lashline)
Black Liner - Sephora (any black liner will work- top lashline, wing)
Lipstick: Cream "Soft Rose" - Sephora
Blush: Soleil, Brun, Warm Apricot

Apply falsies if you wish.

Have a good day everyone, let me know if you take inspiration from my look, and use it.



Make Up : Natural Faces #2

Hello everyone, this is the second Natural Faces post! I guess a lot members found the first post interesting, yet some of them dislike the idea of using it. In this make up tutorial, I am using Transform White Blush and Transform Bronze Blush. 

First of all , to have this make up tutorial beautifully done, you need to know which face area need some highligh and which needs to be darken. In the following picture I have make a simple plan of how you should where your dolls make up. 

I have make seperate the White section from the Dark, with a line so you could understand better.
Since you understand this picture you will be able to make up with any cosmetics you want as long as it is used in the correct area of your face. Here is an example.

What do you think of this tutorial? :)


New Tress Up

Hi everyone,

This is BerryLolitta and I am the new writer for Rebellion Stardoll :)

As we all know, there has been a new Tress up collection (YAAAY!); it's a bit funny this one because what we have is 4 floors of practically the same wigs however, the ombre effect is different on floors 1 and 2 compared to 3 and 4 (I hope that's not so confusing). 
When I saw the wigs for the first time I did not realize that there was another version of each wig and immediately I bought the wig I liked straight from the first floor. (Luckily it looks good)

Anyways, I decided to create this post so that I can share with you guys a few looks that some dollies have created from this beautiful collection.

This first look by ElizaBess excites me, I like the bleached roots of her wig and the make up goes perfectly with the hair colour. I even love the addition of the dragon ear cuff from epiphany, it's a great finish. 

Moving on, the second doll I'll be sharing with you is tuba.eclipse. Her look is very elegant from head to toe and not to mention that she's also quite young! I wanted to close up on her face but I really wanted to share her lovely outfit.

Last but not least.. monkeygalellie1. I am extremely heart broken that this hair style is only for superstars, I can go as far as saying it's my favourite of the collection; but certainly this girl pulls it off from the firey ginger hair colour to the yellow dress and shoulder tattoo, this look is very inspired and accomplished.

This was just a snippet, I hope you guys liked my picks.

Until next week,



Make Up : Natural Faces #1

A lot of members ask me how could they make their face make up look natural without any hair-highlights/shadows. It is hard to explain through chat so , I decided to make some posts about How to get that look of a natural face!

For this tutorial I only use Transform Chestnut All Over Shadow

It may looks a little scary when you take a closer look , but see the total effect at the end.

Do you find it useful?
Tell me what do you think! :) 


Must See Suite : GirlXristina654

GirlXristina654's suite is just amazing! She maybe have the best ideas for suites I have ever
seen.I couldn't deside which rooms I would show you.
Check out my favourites:


"Oh, he's too mainstream"

Shoes - Saint Laurent | Pants - Bizou | Belt - Window To The World | Blouse - PPQ | Jacket - It Girl


How To Do The "Twisted Clothes" Trick.

It took me a lot time to understand how many users twisted their clothes and wear them this way.
Talking with a friend today , I kinda understood the way , so I thought it will be great for you to know too.

First go to one of your Flashy Suites ( Beach Villa  , Albine Chalet etc)

Place your doll on the arrow like in the first picture , and twist your clothes however you want.
Then quickly drag them onto the arrow and leave them down there , like in the second picture.

Finally move your doll with the clothes on and place them as you wish!

I hope you find this useful!



We are searching for new writers! A writer could just post his/her daily style or write about a topic he is interested in. Generally writer are free to write articles about everything they want. If you want to become a writer for Rebellion Stardoll , leave a comment below including :

Name :
Stardoll Nickname:
Why Should We Choose You:

New facial features!

New facial features are out! 
Go try on new noses , lips and eyes! 
Unfortunately they are available only for superstars..


Code name : REACT

Jacket - Pretty In love | Blouse - Riviera | Pants - Velvet Orchid | Shoes - Front Row | Clutch - It Girl | Earrings - Hothot buys


White Sunset !

Skirt - Basic | Shoes - Callie's Picks | Shirt - Voile + Voile | Belt - Apres Ski | Clutch - Decades


No Diggity

Jeans - Killah | Shirt - Basic | Bag - Basic | Jacket - Evil Panda | Shoes - Fallen Angel & It Girl | Sunglasses - Callie's Picks

Black Flower

Pants - Bizou | Sweater - Bizou | Shirt - Cheap Monday | Shoes - Young Hollywood | Clutch - It Girl


Must See Suite : whitney.

whitney.'s outfits are so stylish but her suite is fabulous!
Take a look and see what I mean...

News : May Hot Buys

May Hot Buys are coming and they look really nice.

glasses - 24th May
pink dress - 14th May
bag - 31st May
blue and red dress - 12th May
gold T-shirt - 3rd May
jacket - 20th May
shorts - 18 May
shirt - 6th May
high heels - 10th May
skirt - 28th May


News : April Hotbuys

April Hot Buys

Hat - 21st April
Earrings - 10th April
Glasses - 24th April
Top - 19th April
Striped blazer - 5th April
Tights - 26th April
Boots - 15th April
High boots - 27th April
Black bag - 12th April
White bag - 29 April

The change has begun

Do you think it would be better that the previous?

Must See Suite : PrettyM.Jackson

PrettyM.Jackson 's suite 

His suite is so real and amazing!I just love it!


New Banner !

Our new Banner is made by voula_beauty , I personally prefer it than our previous one.
Do you like it too?

Spoilers! : which stardoll old brand is coming back?

Accourding to what Stardoll posted in instagram one hour ago,
a brand that has been to Starplaza in the past will
come back again next week!
Can you guess which one?


Captured : missluckieee

Captured : jessi94

jessi94 |