Captured : begum_super_123

begum_super_123 has complete the all-time-classic total black outfit. I really like the way she has match her clothes.
She is wearing : 
Bizou Nolita Moto Jacket
Rio Alessandra Top
Basic Black Long Skirt
Fallen Angel Knee High Boots
Bizou sk8r Beanie


Captured : regnlee

Creativity , street fashion and boho will be my ratings about regnlee's style. I really do like her make up too. Her total style looks like it has jumped out from Elle's magazine pages. In fact her outfit is the best for this season.!
She is wearing: 
Riviera Sao Paolo Tunic
Bizou Light Cutoff Shorts 
Bizou Dark Cutoff Shorts
Bizou Dual Belt
Nelly.com Dark Brown Livia Boots

Captured : kladiaaa

Well if you are talking about style , then you are talking about kladiaaa . Her style is a stylish old hollywood style with a taste of streetfashion. Needless to talk about her new spectacular sunglasses.
She is wearing: 
 Pet a Poter Open Black Cape 
Rio Modern Ballet Top 
PPQ Bady Blue Denim Skirt
Nelly.com Silver Strapped Heels


Designers : a.d.a.1234

a.d.a.1234 is one of my favorite interior designers. She makes posters of her favorite artists , most of them are connected with music. Music is her inspiration namely Robert del Naja , member of Massive Attack who’s a graffiti artist and he’s creating very impressive and colorful stencil paintings now (interesting is that he’s colorblind). Next is Stanley Donwood who makes booklets for Radiohead , she also gets inspired by Coffee and TV by Blur, Mr. Oizo fluffy and 2 Thom Yorke posters. There’s a lot of BANKSY’s work and huge colection of Warhol’s bananas. She made them as a project. She found it interesting to change the banana's colors and make new ones.There are works of Munch and Magritte as well.
a.d.a.1234 has been making posters over a year. Every poster takes her 5-15 minutes , Portraits are very hard to do as she said. Furthermore she is  studying graphic design so she hopes she’ll be creating posters in my future job. I hope she'll succeed!
Impressive ah? For those who are interested in buying them I will have them known that there are not for sale. a.d.a.1234 has stopped selling them , she uses them to make her suite more personal "something like dream rooms I'd love to live in." as se said.