Designers : a.d.a.1234

a.d.a.1234 is one of my favorite interior designers. She makes posters of her favorite artists , most of them are connected with music. Music is her inspiration namely Robert del Naja , member of Massive Attack who’s a graffiti artist and he’s creating very impressive and colorful stencil paintings now (interesting is that he’s colorblind). Next is Stanley Donwood who makes booklets for Radiohead , she also gets inspired by Coffee and TV by Blur, Mr. Oizo fluffy and 2 Thom Yorke posters. There’s a lot of BANKSY’s work and huge colection of Warhol’s bananas. She made them as a project. She found it interesting to change the banana's colors and make new ones.There are works of Munch and Magritte as well.
a.d.a.1234 has been making posters over a year. Every poster takes her 5-15 minutes , Portraits are very hard to do as she said. Furthermore she is  studying graphic design so she hopes she’ll be creating posters in my future job. I hope she'll succeed!
Impressive ah? For those who are interested in buying them I will have them known that there are not for sale. a.d.a.1234 has stopped selling them , she uses them to make her suite more personal "something like dream rooms I'd love to live in." as se said.

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