Captured : sasha.star

His style is fresh and colorful. sasha.star has a great taste in fashion and his style proves it very well !
He is wearing : 
Voile Graduation Shine Top 
Fallen Angel Red Satin Bra Top
Tingeling Bali Hibiscus Pleated Skirt 
Christian Louboutin Attelange Sandals
Epiphany Mexican Statement Necklace

Captured : A_Horror

A_Horror has create a beautiful boho and rock style. I really love her floral jacket. Her style has jump out of a fashion magazine !

She is wearing :
Tingeling Joker Hat
Archive Floral Embroidered Jkt
Archive LS Sheer Top
Young Hollywood Blake Ruched Shorts
Fallen Angel Satin Bra Top
Stylin Wedge Ankle Boots
Decades sunglasses
Evil Panda Idoru tatoos

Captured : magdomilowicz

Well highfashion maybe less to magdomilowicz ! Stylish , marvelous and unique characterize her style. I will let her picture talk.
She is wearing :
Rio Clear Plastic Moto Jacket
Tingeling Holiday Dress
Front Row Clear Plastic Heels

Must See Suite : KahhDoll

I was checking out some suite on stardoll and I really love the way KahhDoll has decorated her suite.! For those who don't believe me here are some pictures of her suite.!
For more visit KahhDoll ! 

Captured : DiedunkleMaid

I love the way DiedunkleMaid is dressed! The black n white style is alway in fashion. She mixes a relaxed with a runway highfashion look! Also look at her hair!
She is wearing :
Bizou Triangle Print Knit Skirt
StarDesign Shirt by queendetox
Givenchy Patchwork Purse
Special Offer Dior pearl belt
Apres Ski Black Varnished Shoes
Anna Sui Black Cherries Headpiece
Dior Necklace

Make Up : Runway Report

Lips was the element that many designers chose to highlight with different shades and textures.Apart from fiery red, the impressions gained bright fuchsia and the dark tones of crimson and brown.

#1 Veronique Branquinho 

#2 Gabriele Colangelo

#3 Kenneth Cole

#4 Ohne Titel 


Must See Suite : deanorocks

Speechless .!! deanorocks owns one of the most creative suite on stardoll! Check out her work! 

For more stylish ideas go ahaid and visit deanorocks !

Captured : Tennowey

She has a woderful style. She is a good hair designer and she owns one of the most beautiful suite on stardoll. Who is she? The answer is Tennowey ! Her style is one of the kind but I will let her picture talk.

She is wearing:
Rio Hot Buy shoes
ELLE modern blazer
Archive Soft Cotton Tank
Denim & Supply Blue Skinny Pants
Givenchy Ivony Structured Handbag


Captured : xxCLAUDIAxx

I was checking out suites and outfits on stardoll and I was impressed by the way xxCLAUDIAxx look into her expensive and brilliant clothes. She matches high fashion with a taste of goth style. Needless to talk about her marvelous haircut and fabulous suite.
She is wearing : 
Fallen angel and Killah shoes , 
Chanel tweed pants, 
IT GIRL olive knitted sweater,
 Denim Shirt, 
Mr. Bag 

xxCLAUDIAxx has a great taste on fashion. Her style is marvelous and her suite belongs to a high fashion model. 

Wearing : Christian Louboutin

Chriastian Louboutin Tribute has been out for days. All the shoes were lovely but I really like the Torero Pumps.
I prefer wearing them with floral pants and a see-through jacket.
No many accessories.


Make Up Inspiration : Chanel summer makeup 2O13

Inspiration : 

Steps : 
1. Apply red or purpel eye shadow all over the eye.
2.Apply blue eye shadow at the 3/4 of the eye ( let the red part show) 
3.Use green eye shadow at the begging of the eye and underneath it.
4.Use blue mascara .
5.Use yellow eye shadow above the green eye shadow at the begging of the eye.
6.Apply blue eye pencil at the edge of the eye.
7.Finish off with a little pinky blush.

Your result should look a little like this. 

Captured : Oeil-de-chat

I have been looking dolls on stardoll this weekend and I really like the way Oeil-de-chat look in her marvelous clothes.
She is wearing Hot Buy Shoes, White Beach Pack, a Miss Sixty Furry Coat, Bissou Stonewashed jeans, Voile black Leotard ,DKYN  Big Black Wool Scarf , Archive Gold Chain and Channel Gold Cuff Bracelets.

Oeil-de-chat inspires me a lot. I dont know about you but I will certainly try to renew my closet inspired by her. 

Also take a look at her suite: 


Make Up Inspiration : Lana Del Rey (Dark Paradise Album)

Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite celebrites and a talented song writer with a powerfull voice. Also , she has a big career as a model. This is a make up toturial to get her look for the Dark Paradise album cover.


Steps :
1. Apply eye liner , you should make a nice and pointy angle.
2.Use "Shadestick Purpel" to make an illusion of depth into your eyes. (you either use a purpel eye-shadow)
3.Apply only the mascara for long lashes. 
4.Apply light brown eye-shadow over your eyes not too thick , not too thin.
5.Use "Transform Coral lipstick" to your lips.
6.Finish off with a light blush. 

Your result should look like this :

Must See Suite : 2lola3

I recently have been checking out some stardoll suits and I really get imprested by the talent of the young 2lola3. Her suite look like it has jump out of a Elle decoration magazine.
My favorite room is this one, look how amazing has she make the celing.

I also love her Beach Villa 1# floor

I don't know about you , but will surely think about redecorating my suite after my visit to 2lola3 !

Wearing Valli

The Giambattisa Valli Couture has been out for weeks now , but I really get inspired by Silver Couture Tousers. 
The way I prefer wearing it is will a simple white top and and some black accessories .

inspierd by voula_beauty