News : April Hotbuys

April Hot Buys

Hat - 21st April
Earrings - 10th April
Glasses - 24th April
Top - 19th April
Striped blazer - 5th April
Tights - 26th April
Boots - 15th April
High boots - 27th April
Black bag - 12th April
White bag - 29 April

The change has begun

Do you think it would be better that the previous?

Must See Suite : PrettyM.Jackson

PrettyM.Jackson 's suite 

His suite is so real and amazing!I just love it!


New Banner !

Our new Banner is made by voula_beauty , I personally prefer it than our previous one.
Do you like it too?

Spoilers! : which stardoll old brand is coming back?

Accourding to what Stardoll posted in instagram one hour ago,
a brand that has been to Starplaza in the past will
come back again next week!
Can you guess which one?


Captured : missluckieee

Captured : jessi94

jessi94 |


Stardoll Is Having A Makeover!!

This is what stardoll uploaded to tumlbr.
Could it be a makeover?
I think stardoll is prepairing for new , stunning and absolutely stylish MAKEOVER!
I can't wait to see more!!! :)