News : January Hot Buys

January Hot Buys

Bunny Headban - 10th January
Sweater - 1st January
Skirt - 7th January
Tights - 15th January
Pretty n' Love Boots - 4th January
Purse - 12th January
Coat - 28th January
Necklace - 24th January
Dress - 18th January
Boots - 20th January

Meeerry Christmas!


odd and chic

hey , 
so today is my new episode of 'odd and chic' and its about a doll called 'charlotte_mons' .
she's level 78 , and been in stardoll since 2012. one of her idols is agy deyn - just like mine.
the reason i chose her to be in this article is because she is very unique, she has a classy boho chic which i adore and she surprises me everyday with an outragous outfit.
before a week ago when i noticed her she was dressed with an outfit made all out of a necklaces.
i think she is a perfect example of an original beautiful style.(thats what she wore today)




Decades shoes / Voile pantyhose / It Girl + Academy Shorts / It Girl Blouse / OTTO jacket / 
 Pretty n Love Belt / Mr bag / bisou flower


Topshop inspiration

PPQ jacket / Wild Candy boots / Basic Leggings / It Girl Tee / Fallen Angel Purse

Topshop grey tank / Topshop black legging / Topshop cutout booties / H M vegan handbag

 x voula_beauty x


Gold and Silver


a new segment - odd and chic .

hey , 

im going to have my first segment in rebellion stardoll , so i hope you like it.
twice or once a week im going to choose a doll who is fashionable but also different.
its going to be called "odd and chic".

im looking forward to the new entry already.



a new writer!

hey guys
so im yael , im the new writer (yaelkremercc in stardoll)im 15.im more of a fashion writer and a critique.
my style can go from classy chanel to wild kenzo.
so im looking forward writing for rebellion stardoll!


Must See Suite : A_Horror

A_Horror's suite:

How nice is her suite, ha? I really like the style of these rooms and the modern
decoration she has used.


News : Young Hollywood

New Young Hollywood is out! The fisrt pieces have sold out.

Hurry up! Click here to see the clothes .

News : Dot winter

Dot have already get the winter collection.All of them are very
cosy and in fashion.

If you want to visit the shop click here


Captured : millaxx

millaxx's outfit

She wears

Special Offer Clutch
Jean Paul Gaultier Jacket
Miss Sixty Pants
Young Hollywood Boots
Voile Leotard

Captured : AmyLovatoRock

AmyLovatoRock's outfit

She wears

It Girl Bag
Archive Sweater
Stardesign Bra
Denim & Supply Jeans
Cheap Monday Boots

Captured : Chocolatum

Outfit by Chocolatum

She wears :

Original Future Bag
Killah Blazar
WildCandy Skirt
Special Offer Shirt
Voile & It Girl & Riviera Belt
Decades Shoes


Day 9 : Street Black Glam

Captured : morg_prensesi

morg_prensesi has done an excellent job with her outfit. I really like her easy and at the same time rock style.

She is wearring :

Archive Sweater
Special Offer Collar
Basic Shorts
Bizou Socks
Fallen Angel Platforms


Captured : I_am_Lady_Moon

I_am_Lady_Moon knows how to dress. I love the way she matches her clothes. Gold and Black is an all-time-classic look.

She is wearing 

tingeling shoes
Basic skirt
Chanel Hung Up Blazer
Decades top
Fallen Angel top
Callie's Pick belt
Frankie Morello necklace
Facebook bag 

Make Up : Primadonna (girl)


Prima donna, Italian for "first lady", is a term originally used in opera or Commedia dell'arte companies to designate the leading female singer in the company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. The prima donna was normally, but not necessarily, a soprano. The corresponding term for the male lead (almost always a tenor) is primo uomo.

  1. Apply a pinky blush and make it soft by using a white blush over it.
  2. Use red listick.
  3. Apply black eyeliner (only top)
  4. Use lengthening mascara all over the eyes
  5. Finish with brown eye-shadow.

You should look like this 

Day 8 : Stylish Rock