odd and chic

hey , 
so today is my new episode of 'odd and chic' and its about a doll called 'charlotte_mons' .
she's level 78 , and been in stardoll since 2012. one of her idols is agy deyn - just like mine.
the reason i chose her to be in this article is because she is very unique, she has a classy boho chic which i adore and she surprises me everyday with an outragous outfit.
before a week ago when i noticed her she was dressed with an outfit made all out of a necklaces.
i think she is a perfect example of an original beautiful style.(thats what she wore today)


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  1. Oh I loved the post *-*, I was very happy, and it's not velvet is cashmere :* KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK