News : January Hot Buys

January Hot Buys

Bunny Headban - 10th January
Sweater - 1st January
Skirt - 7th January
Tights - 15th January
Pretty n' Love Boots - 4th January
Purse - 12th January
Coat - 28th January
Necklace - 24th January
Dress - 18th January
Boots - 20th January

Meeerry Christmas!


odd and chic

hey , 
so today is my new episode of 'odd and chic' and its about a doll called 'charlotte_mons' .
she's level 78 , and been in stardoll since 2012. one of her idols is agy deyn - just like mine.
the reason i chose her to be in this article is because she is very unique, she has a classy boho chic which i adore and she surprises me everyday with an outragous outfit.
before a week ago when i noticed her she was dressed with an outfit made all out of a necklaces.
i think she is a perfect example of an original beautiful style.(thats what she wore today)




Decades shoes / Voile pantyhose / It Girl + Academy Shorts / It Girl Blouse / OTTO jacket / 
 Pretty n Love Belt / Mr bag / bisou flower


Topshop inspiration

PPQ jacket / Wild Candy boots / Basic Leggings / It Girl Tee / Fallen Angel Purse

Topshop grey tank / Topshop black legging / Topshop cutout booties / H M vegan handbag

 x voula_beauty x


Gold and Silver


a new segment - odd and chic .

hey , 

im going to have my first segment in rebellion stardoll , so i hope you like it.
twice or once a week im going to choose a doll who is fashionable but also different.
its going to be called "odd and chic".

im looking forward to the new entry already.



a new writer!

hey guys
so im yael , im the new writer (yaelkremercc in stardoll)im 15.im more of a fashion writer and a critique.
my style can go from classy chanel to wild kenzo.
so im looking forward writing for rebellion stardoll!


Must See Suite : A_Horror

A_Horror's suite:

How nice is her suite, ha? I really like the style of these rooms and the modern
decoration she has used.