In With The New: Closet Edition 36

Hey everyone, so lately I've been buying a whole lot of clothes; and I mean a lot!
While organizing my closet, I realized that I had a whole 36 pages off clothes I had bought, but not worn. So I decided to challenge myself. Each outfit I create until I run out of clothes, must consist of mostly or all items from those 36 pages.

Today's outfit feature the latest item I bought
Which is the Wizard Cape. I missed most of the SAP items, so when I saw this I jumped on it because it was similar.

I actually really like this cape, and I intend to use it more.
Really glad I bought it.

Other items purchased recently:
Pink Fendi Belt
Chanel Inspired Shopper

This outfit is my MSW outfit for the day.
I'm wearing it one of my rooms.