Make Up Inspiration : Lana Del Rey (Dark Paradise Album)

Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite celebrites and a talented song writer with a powerfull voice. Also , she has a big career as a model. This is a make up toturial to get her look for the Dark Paradise album cover.


Steps :
1. Apply eye liner , you should make a nice and pointy angle.
2.Use "Shadestick Purpel" to make an illusion of depth into your eyes. (you either use a purpel eye-shadow)
3.Apply only the mascara for long lashes. 
4.Apply light brown eye-shadow over your eyes not too thick , not too thin.
5.Use "Transform Coral lipstick" to your lips.
6.Finish off with a light blush. 

Your result should look like this :

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