We are searching for new writers! A writer could just post his/her daily style or write about a topic he is interested in. Generally writer are free to write articles about everything they want. If you want to become a writer for Rebellion Stardoll , leave a comment below including :

Name :
Stardoll Nickname:
Why Should We Choose You:


  1. Name : Berry
    Stardoll Nickname: BerryLolitta
    Email: rojeness@gmail.com
    Experience: I have no previous experience writing for a stardoll blog, however I take part in other blogs and I enjoy putting my opinion across.
    Why Should We Choose You: I would like to add something different to your blog. I'm passionate about stardoll and I have a lot of ideas that I want to implement if I were chosen.

  2. Name : Drew
    Stardoll Nickname: Modmayhem
    Email: modmayhemmakeovers@gmail.com
    Experience: I've written for Inside Stardoll
    Why Should We Choose You: I am kinda quirky, and I think that I look at fashion a bit different. I am a fan of gender bending, and androgynous looks. I also switch my doll from male to female at times, so I like to think that, those things along with my makeup skills would be interesting to read.

  3. Name : Em
    Stardoll Nickname: Zueskat
    Email: silhouettetumblrs@gmail.com
    Experience: I have little experience writing for a stardoll blog, but I do write for other types of blogs and groups in forums of various sites. Stardoll isn't new to me in the slightest. I have been a member since 2008. Over the course of the years, I've taken so much inspiration in from various other members from Stardoll and dragged that into my real life wardrobe.
    Why Should We Choose You: I'm highly into DIY clothing. I don't really enjoy plain things. I take a ton of inspiration from the DIY culture in Harajuku, Japan. I'm a fan of very out-there looks, along with wearable but very edgy looks. I like my crazy big and colorful hair, as you can see on my medoll at the moment. I feel as if I'd bring in a lot of edgy styles, and things people wouldn't always think of.

  4. Name:Jasmine
    stardoll nickname:Jbhaterjas
    Email: justjasminem@gmail.com
    Experience: i've been part of about 7 blogs
    Why Should We Choose You: I love fashion and writing i plan to see places like milan,paris, all of the fashion cities