Rant: MS.TQ

Hey everyone! 
So not many things on Stardoll bother me. 
I don't mind the glitching, or the updates that don't work.
What I do mind is this...

As you all know there was a recent release in the MS.TQ
In it there are some beautiful hair pieces, and some wacky makeup.
It's safe to say that my favorite item, and the item that I the fastest
Was the most normal looking makeup item; Which was the Bronze Eyemakeup.

I was so excited to wear it, until I got into my Beauty Parlor and discovered this....

 I discovered that I can't wear the item!
If the liner line meets with my lashline, the bottom is too low.
If The bottom is flush with the lower lashline,
 Then the top sits awkwardly in the middle of my eye lids.

This is so upsetting for me, as this was my favorite piece. I tried resizing to no avail.
Unfortunately this one just isn't for me :(

I'm not mad at Stardoll, 
I just wish there was a way to fit it to the individual eye,
 instead of the set eye shape.

Anyway, that's all for today.
What did you guys think about the new release? Excited, or just disappointed?


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