Designers : likecokeacola

I was look for wigs and I visit likecokeacola's bazaar and I really got amazed by her designs.
As she says these designs are done with passion and effort, she tries to make each the best they can be and to her best ability. It takes her 40 minutes - 1 hour for each depending on the detailing.
The most interesting part is that she has been designing only for 2 days! She is really talented! "Im so happy to have had many requests for them." as she said. The prices are low "I get a profit of only 2 or 6 stardolars or even none as I just want people to see my enthusiasm for this dream." she also added.
She is designing tributes and then she moved on to her own.
"Designing plays an important part in my life because it takes away pressure or stress in the real world."
I don't know about you but I just loved them! So don't lose more time and go to likecokeacola and buy one of these fashionable and marvelous designs!

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